The Florida Gators have the opportunity to do something extraordinary this year

The Florida Gators have the opportunity to do something extraordinary this year.  They could defeat the number one team in the nation, the #2 team, the #3, #4, #5, and #6 team.  Now, that would be a fabulous football feat!  How could this happen, you ask?  The Gators will play LSU on October 6, later in the season they play Georgia, South Carolina, and FSU.  If they were to win all those games, they would play in the SEC Championship Game where they could play Alabama.  If they were to win that game, the next possibility could be the Ducks of Oregon….1,2,3,4,5, and 6.  The first hurdle…LSU on October 6 will not be a hurdle…it will be a road block.  The Tigers from Louisiana won’t be bothered by a group of gators in the  swamp; back in bayou country, they wrestle gators with their bare hands.  Look for LSU to win this big one.

CUSA don’t need to win the big one; they need to just win one.  Of the 8 teams without a win so far this season, 50% belong to CUSA.  UAB has the best opportunity to end their winless streak (playing SE Louisiana) and Southern Mississippi will have the most difficultly (playing Boise State).

Teams surest to remain undefeated:  UTSA, Alabama and Louisville.  They each have an open week.  Some teams even have difficulty with open week…rather than getting players rest, they get players arrested.

The games with the greatest interest, impact and eye-focus will be Georgia at South Carolina, West Virginia at Texas and LSU at Florida.

Another game worth mentioning is Slippery Rock at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  Even though The Rock will put up a good fight, look for the Crimson Hawks to win their Homecoming.

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