College football 2016: Week one preview

The season is finally upon us. There are so many huge matchups to keep an eye on. When it’s all over on Tuesday morning, we should have plenty of storylines. Here are a few storylines to keep your eye on going into week one:

  • New coaches in college football:  How will the first-time head coaches and those who’ve moved around start in 2016?
  • Coaches with pressure on them:  Who’s seats will get warmer and who will relieve some of the pressure on them to start the season?
  • SEC versus the world:  The SEC is playing in seven games against the other four Power Five leagues
  • Top 10 teams in major action:  Every top 10 team is playing and some have major tests in week one

Games of the Week:

  • #5 LSU vs. Wisconsin (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
  • #2 Clemson at Auburn
  • #1 Alabama vs. #20 USC (Dallas, Texas)

Listen as Jacob Bunn and the College Football Professor preview week one in college football and make picks on some of the bigger games.

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