Could a loss to North Carolina State mean the end for Derek Dooley at Tennessee?

Tennessee vs VandyTauren Poolephoto by Wade Rackley/UTADPHOTO

Tonight under the lights at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Tennessee will face-off against North Carolina State. This game will be pivotal for both head coaches. Tennessee’s Derek Dooley has long been thought to be on the hot seat, and N.C. State’s Tom O’Brien could also feel pressure if he does not produce a successful enough season. But for Dooley, the task is more urgent.

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2012 ACC football preview


The most overrated team last year was undoubtedly Florida State, which was thought before the season to be competing for a BCS title. This is an extremely key year for Jimbo Fisher in Tallahassee because he needs to prove that he knows what to do with the talent he has accumulated.

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