Auburn football preview


The Tigers have new coordinators on both the offensive and defensive sides of the football. Expect to see an improved defense that will have the ability to keep the team in games. Because of that, I don’t think the kinds of blowouts delivered to Auburn last season will happen in 2012.

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Georgia football preview

DeAngelo Tyson

Coming into the year with a talented and experienced quarterback is a nice advantage enjoyed by the Bulldogs this season. Once again, they do not have Alabama, Arkansas, or LSU on the schedule. I think the road is paved for Georgia to have a legitimate chance to make it to Atlanta again.

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Florida football preview

NCAA Football: Tennessee Volunteers at Florida Gators

There will be highs and lows, but I think the Gator team will be significantly improved in toughness, run defense, and creativity on offense this year. All signs during the offseason so far have pointed toward Muschamp turning things around in Gainesville. It has to show up on the field, though, to be legitimate.

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