Arkansas football preview

#3 Joe Adams FB 2011, Troy September 17 2011

Because of the scandal, there will be an unmistakable cloud over the 2012 team for a while. Plus, there will be a coaching void without Petrino in charge. John L. Smith is now in charge of the program. Without Petrino in charge of strategy, the utilization of the team’s multiple weapons may not be as effective.

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Tennessee football preview

Tennessee vs VandyTauren Poolephoto by Wade Rackley/UTADPHOTO

If Derek Dooley is to retain his position after this season, Tennessee’s brand will need to return to its former prominence quickly. The only way that can be done is by the Volunteers beating North Carolina State in Atlanta on opening weekend, and I think beating Florida at home in week three is necessary as well. If Tennessee starts 1-2, Dooley will certainly be looking for a new job.

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Kentucky football preview

UK Football, Jacksonville St., Joker Phillips

This season is make-or-break for head coach Joker Phillips. And in the SEC, that is a tough thing to have to deal with. Games against South Carolina, Mississippi State and Georgia at home and Arkansas, Florida, Louisville and Missouri on the road make it almost impossible for Kentucky to clinch bowl eligibility without mass improvement.

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Ole Miss football preview

Photograph by Nathan Latil, UM Brand Photography Services

New coach Hugh Freeze has a tough job on his hands, particularly since his program happens to play in a conference that might as well be the next step down from the NFL. But since last year was such a terrible display, any improvement will be welcome in Oxford.

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