The old professor was just wondering

The old professor was just wondering.  As we move toward fall, who will control the high seas of college football in 2012?  Will it be the Commodores of Vanderbilt?  Maybe the Midshipmen will put up a naval blockade.  It could be a high tide from Alabama or the Tulane Green Wave.  Everything could be thrown into chaos by a hurricane from Miami or Tulsa.  Will the Maryland Terrapins be the slowest team and the Toledo Rockets the fastest?  Could the most furious be hogs, tigers, bulldogs, gophers or lobos?  What are Golden Flashes any way?  Will the Boilermakers blow their top?  Maybe having Jaguars and Roadrunners in the mix will bring even more excitement.  Get ready!  Answers will be coming to a stadium near you this fall.



The old professor was just wondering — 2 Comments

  1. I think that the 2012 season will be full of surprises with the eventual champion coming from somewhere other than the SEC. Just a hunch.