Note to the ACC, Big 12 and Pac 12: Want to stop the SEC? Start by beating it this weekend

Other than the daily documentation of Johnny Manziel’s every move, the college football offseason has been filled with coaches from leagues other than the SEC making whiny comments about the league that has won the last seven BCS championships.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops called the SEC’s success “propaganda.” Washington State coach Mike Leach said the SEC really isn’t that much better than other leagues. And the derogatory statements were not confined to coaches. Just this week, Oklahoma State offensive lineman Parker Graham said the SEC is “blown a little bit out of proportion” and that SEC players aren’t “very well conditioned.”

It’s fashionable for individuals in other leagues to take pot-shots at the most dominant conference. Perhaps some coaches feel the need to draw attention to themselves for recruiting purposes or some other reason.

I understand the fact that these coaches must be very frustrated because all of the hype inevitably filters to the SEC. I get the eagerness to want to supplant the league.

But if you are a conference suffering from SEC derangement syndrome, there is a cure, other than making moronic statements. It’s called beating SEC teams. And there are plenty of opportunities for that to take place this weekend.

Georgia is on the road at Clemson, a team that could very likely win the ACC. I would call this a matchup of teams in equal positions in their conferences, both looking to make a national move this year.

South Carolina hosts a very dangerous North Carolina team from the ACC. The Thursday night game is a chance for a middle-of-the-pack ACC team to challenge one of the SEC’s front-runners.

Auburn welcomes Washington State from the Pac 12 to town. Both teams are coming off of very disappointing seasons. If Cougar coach Mike Leach really feels that the Pac 12 is a deeper league than the SEC, here’s a chance for him to prove it.

LSU lines up against TCU in Arlington. This one leans toward the Tigers, but it would be a coup for the Big 12 if the Horned Frogs were to pull off the stunner.

Mississippi State has a very challenging test against Oklahoma State in Houston. The Big 12 media predicted the Cowboys to win the conference. Meanwhile, Mississippi State is a mid-level SEC program at best. Of all of the non-conference games this weekend, this is the only SEC team that should probably lose.

Alabama plays Virginia Tech in Atlanta. If you’re looking for the SEC to get knocked off, this probably isn’t your game. However, if the Hokies were to pull off the unthinkable, it would really bolster the ACC’s standing.

So there are the big non-conference SEC games this weekend. Does it look like many teams from college football’s premiere league will be knocked off this weekend? I didn’t think so.

The problem for the rest of the college football is the SEC is the best league. It’s as simple as that. Sure, the SEC may drop a non-conference game or two this year. But after all games are concluded, the league will be sitting in the same position it has for the past seven years.

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